• Product name: Tuyere imaging system

    “Tuyere imaging system” transfers real-time image of tuyere to IPC or Industrial TV screen in BF controlling room. The operator can monitor working state of each tuyere such as brightness, coal lance, coking, and moving state of pulverized coal in real time.

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    As shown in following figure, the imaging system consists of Tuyere camera(including Optical distributor and Tuyere camera), power supply configurator, dedicated high temperature wire, power distribution cabinet, video optical transmitter and receiver, fiber-optical, hard disk video recorder, industrial TV Sets, IPC and air cooling pipes

    Main equipments and its parameters

    1)      Tuyere camera

    2  CCD type: 1/3″

    2  Signal system: PAL/NTSC

    2  Resolution ratio (standard center): 700TVL

    2  Data noise reduction: 2D

    2  Minimum illumination: 0.01LUX/F1.2

    2  SNR: ≥48Db

    2  Working voltage: DC12V±5%

    2  Working current: 100mA

    2  Environment temperature: -20~60℃

    2  Environment humidity: 0~96% (no freezed)

    2  Type of cooling: air cooling

    2  Installation: Screw

    2)      Dedicated high temperature wire

    2  Working temperature: -30~150℃

    2  Transmission distance: ≤1000m

    3)      Video optical transmitter and receiver

    2  Optical fiber type: single mode

    2  Optical fiber interface: FC

    2  Transmission wavelength: 1310nm/1550nm

    2  Video interface: BNC

    2  Video bandwidth: 8MHz

    2  Data interface: RS-485

    2  Power supply: AC 220V 50/60Hz

    2  Working temperature: -30~75℃

    2  Environment humidity: 0~95% (no freezed)