• Product name: BF top infrared thermal imaging system

    BF top infrared thermal imaging system can real-timely receive the infrared of target object through international advanced micro high definition infrared thermal imager. The signal will be transmitted to computer system by transmission network. Then through software, it real timely displays the temperature of each coordinated point in computer which point is in field view. The video image of BF throat and above reappears. There are two video signals, one is sent to IPC, the other is sent to big screen in BF main control room.

    In order to ensure the safety and stability of the system, it adopts safety technology and protective measures, such as the advanced water-cooled device, nitrogen cooling device, nitrogen sweeping device, automatic scraping device, and automatic exit device in abnormal situation, etc.

    BF foreman can real-timely observe the video image of BF throat and above regardless of whether there is a visible light which can master the shape of chute, the shape of lining board, the running status of chute, the material conditions of chute. At the same time, it can real-timely check the temperature of each coordinated point in field view, and master the position of center gas flow and strength, edge gas flow strength, the existence of gas pine and so on.

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    Main system function and technical features are as follows:

    1)  With or without visible light at Bf throat and above, the high definition infrared video of charge level and chute can be real-timely transmitted to the industrial TV screen or computer screen of BF main control room【The definition is far more than ordinary BF top camera system, the original BF top camera system can be removable】

    2)  We can clearly observe the center position of gas flow, the existence of gas pipe, edge flow distribution, the shape of chute, the wear degree of chute lining board, the material conditions of chute, the hanging state of chute, running status of chute, etc. 【Timely discover the chute situation of wear and leak, deformation, etc. Prevent charging is out of control, reduce BF abnormal condition】

    3)  Real-timely monitor the temperature of each coordinated point in field view. It can display the temperature of multi points by means of the mouse click.

    4)  According operator’s custom, it can simulate multiple cross temperature measuring curves and ring curves in radial direction 【online monitor the temperature of all point in field view】

    5)  Maximum temperature, minimum temperature, average temperature can be monitored at any selected area by the mouse.

    6)  Specified temperature range highlighted 【To help the BF foreman  timely discovery or predict gas pipe, for example, it displays 400-600 ℃ by highlighting】.

    7)  The system mechanical device of profile installation parts, camera body, cooling device, sweeping device, scraping device adopts fully sealed structure to ensure BF gas without leakage.

    8) The profile installation parts, imager body, cooling device, sweeping devices, craping device of this system all adopts stainless steel material to ensure the service life.

    9)  The system is configured with advanced water-cooled device, nitrogen cooling device which ensure camera and lens work in safety temperature range in a long time.

    10)The system is configured with nitrogen sweeping device which ensure the lens not to stack ash. It’s also configure with automatic scraping device which can effectively remove the ash of the front camera body.

    11)The system is configured with cooling water pressure monitoring device, cooling water flow monitoring device, camera body entry/exit device, high temperature electric ball valves, UPS power supply, PLC system and servo control system device. The camera body will be automatically pulled out to ensure the safety of camera and lens when the cooling water and nitrogen pressure is not sufficient, the power supply is off,  the temperature of camera and lens is too high.【The service life is far more than ordinary BF top camera system】

    12)The camera body can be pulled out manually through computer software or by cabinet button control. High temperature electric valves will shut down automatically. It separate BF outside from inside. So equipment maintenance or replacement could be allowed without blowing-down. It doesn’t affect the normal BF production.

    13)The system has the function of video storage and video playback. Date storage period is not less than 3 months.

    14)The system is configured with good interface. All setting is simple. Fully consider the extendibility, reliability and maintainability of system. The software is open, no encrypted.

    15)The control cabinet is designed with a cover to prevent the dust(Installed on the top). Double layer heat insulation design and electric heating equipment ensure the PLC and other electronic equipment in normal work in the winter.

    16)This system adopts the technology of optical fiber transmission for video transmission which can ensure video images not to lost frame, no distortion.

    17)The system has the function of equipment inspection and status monitoring. It on-line monitor and automatic warm to equipment status, network, power, cooling water pressure, nitrogen gas pressure, lens temperature, and camera etc. (The screen color and speakers)

    18)It provide historical record about all sorts of equipment status, monitoring parameters and fault alarm, and has function of historical inquiry.

    Main equipment technical parameters


    1.Dedicated high definition infrared camera

    Probe type: uncooled focal plane

    Infrared wavelength: 8μm-14μm

    Resolution: ≥640×480

    Maximum frame rate: 50Hz

    Measuring range: +50℃~+1000℃

    Accuracy: ±3%

    Data interface: 100M  ethernet

    2.Cooling gas

    Cooling medium: Dry, no oil-free, dust-free, continuous industrial N2, flow (consumption) ≈20 m3 / h

    Medium pressure: 0.5 Mpa ≤ pressure≤ 0.8 Mpa

    Medium temperature:  ≤40℃

    3. Cooling Water

    Cooling medium: Clean, continuous industrial soft water, flow (circulation) ≈1.5m3/h

    Medium pressure: 0.2 Mpa ≤ pressure≤ 0.4Mpa

    Medium temperature:  ≤45℃

    4.  Power supply

    Power supply: AC 220V±5%  50Hz

    Equipment Monitoring Main Frames