• Product name: Oxy-hydrogen Slab Cutting Technology

    As an efficient and clean gas, Oxy-hydrogen gas was successfully applied to continuous casting slab cutting in 1999 for the first time. With continuous improvement and development afterwards, there have been many cases of using Oxy-hydrogen gas as fuel gas to cut slab, round and square billet in continuous casting process. It has made pioneering contributions to energy saving and consumption reduction of steel enterprises.

    The philosophy is to use the hydrogen-oxygen mixture produced by water electrolysis as fuel instead of the traditional acetylene, propane, carbon three gas, liquefied gas and other flame cutting.

    This technology is a process system of producing hydrogen and oxygen gas by means of water electrolysis, including storage, purification and other operating units. The main equipment includes 1) electrolytic cell system, 2) electrolytic power supply, 3) system safety system and 4) circulating water system.

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